Vic West FC

Battle of the Women's Uniteds
Women's D1 United took on JDF United at Royal Bay on a wild and wet Friday night.

We went from a ref last week that called nothing to a ref this week that called everything. Hard to know how to play.... but it was a strong team united performance that saw Vic West take a share of the points after coming from behind twice in the game.

Both West's goals coming from one of the many new players this season - "B". First goal was a calm finish slipping the ball past the on rushing keeper. B's second was from a clogged box where she hit the underside of the bar, it appeared to bounce over the line but was made sure by a good follow-up & perhaps some help from a JDF defender. Either way, we're giving the goal to B.

Fantastic fight by a very united Vic West team.

Four for George
After a string of tough games, the Masters C team came out strong against the Cordova Bay Bobcats on Friday night. One goal from George would have been enough thanks to the shutout by Bruce Morris. But George wasn't satisfied - he ended the night with four! Final 4-0 for Vic West.
Old Boys Tie it up with Vantreights
SET UP by Mgr Ken MCCOLL and Guest Coach Gianfranco ZOLA ITALIANO STYLE: 3 - 5 - 2

Took VW48's about 20 min to get used to the ITALIANO footy way to play 3/5/2. GOAL #1-VANTREIGHTS : Ball bounced off keepers chest, slide trying to save. Cant slide. In direct free kick from 12 yards.
GOAL #2-VANTREIGHTS: Tippy tappy at about 35 min
GOAL #1-VICWEST: Jays rocket. Now down just one 1-2 at halftime and penning them back.

GOAL #2-VICWEST: Jays cross to Mike. Tied 2-2. That's how it ended.
Multiple chances we should have one 3-2 or 4-2 or 5-2

Goals by:
Jay SEO-NICE HOWITZER from 30 yards to right hand corner
Mike-MURRAY Scottish 35/40's Nice cross from Jay. Mike sharply headed it into net.

HONORABLE MENTION: Everyone Friggin "A" for Effort

City of Victoria Field Conditions
Here is the link to the City of Victoria's webpage for field status/closures:

The Township of Esquimalt(Victor Brodeur) lists their field conditions here:

A Parking Warning to ALL Members
This is a reminder and a 'warning' to ALL Club members, when parking in the Clubhouse neighbourhood. Do not park on the yellow curbs, do get off the road and up on the dirt when parking directly across the street from the Clubhouse.

Some business parking lots do not mind your 'after hours' use(and don't ask me which ones) BUT and most importantly....

You can NEVER park in our immediate neighbour's parking lot next to Complete Residential Management, 3267 & 3273 Tennyson.This is strictly verbotten. And it doesn't matter what day or time of day; it is 24/7.

The owner of that lot has warned us before and now he is threatening to TOW any unauthorized vehicle away, anywhere in that lot. Signs will be posted at the Clubhouse as a reminder to members, but please ensure all of your team and your guests, who are not regular visitors to the Clubhouse, are made aware of this.

Please & thank you